Galleries, Museums and Libraries

We Offer workshop services to galleries, museums and libraries. These projects are p-articipatory and can be tailored to the needs of such organisations. Previous projects include working with

  • Whitworth Art gallery on their Arts and Health programme. This entailed working with young people from Central Manchester Hospitals. Specialising in Young People with mental health problems, the visited the gallery and then had a series of creative writing workshops where poetry produced in response to the artwork was created and put on display
  • Platt Hall Costume Gallery, the galleries rich world wide textile collection was explored, and poetry was written about the wonderful vibrant fabrics and styles and recorded the performance of these poems and made into short films which were to be displayed in the gallery
  • Manchester Museum. We ran a 12 week creative course for adults with mental health issues as a way of promoting health and well being. Each week they visited a different department of the gallery and wrote poems inspired by what they had seen. This culminated ┬áin an anthology of poetry being produced and an end of course performance.
  • Harris Art Gallery and Museum: we worked with a group of adults to produce text art inspired by the collections, to be displayed in the ITC room
  • Libraries: we offer creative writing workshops for young people or adults in any library setting, for any occasion, including World Book Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentines Day, International Women’s Day or Black History Month. We can also run courses for groups that regularly attend the library, such as reading groups.