African Storytelling

African Storytelling

Chanje Kunda spent time working at the Broad African Representative Council in Manchester. This stimulated her interest in her African cultural heritage. She researched traditional African stories that give a positive message.

Chanje provides African storytelling sessions that leaves children enthralled and enlightened.

African Storytelling sessions include the telling of funny, clever and entertaining traditional fables, as well as the opportunity to look at and try on colourful and varied African clothes and fabrics.

Sessions can create feelings of pride in children of African decent with low self esteem. They can also broaden the horizions of children who do not have the opportunity of travelling, and seeing another culture.

The children also get to discuss the geography and the animal life of the facinating continent.

“The children and staff had a wonderful experience that will live long in the memory.”
P. Doyle, Head Teacher/ A. Saunders, Equal Opportunities Co-ordinator,
St Margrarets Junior School

“Thank you for showing us African Culture.”
Aisling, Mount Primary School

To see a video of African Storytelling by Chanje, click here.