Correctional facilities

Workshops in Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions  

How are the poetry and performance workshops useful?

• Poetry workshops help them to develop good communication is essential both in the personal and work life of everyone. Better skills in this area will improve participant’s level of success, both personally and in future employment

• Workshops can be therapeutic as they teach people how to express their emotions, experiences and identity through verse. The ability to express what is inside validates them as human beings.

• If workshop participants see that they are capable of producing intelligent and imaginative work that they didn’t think they would be able to, what else can they do, that they didn’t think they would be able to. It may give them the confidence they need to try new things in life, and consider improving their education or learning new skills, rather than falling back into old patterns of behaviour.
• Workshops builds confidence, self- esteem and promotes well being

Previous Experience

Young Offenders

• Redbank Secure Unit:

Weekly Poetry workshops consisting of live weekly performance by Chanje Kunda, followed by the creation of group and individual poems about life experiences. Organised by Windows Project Liverpool

• St Cathrine’s Secure Unit:
Weekly workshop consisting of live poetry performance and the creation of group and individual poems based on emotions. Organised by Windows Project Liverpool.

Adult Offenders
• Style Women’s Prison:

16 Week creative writing course culminating in an anthology of poetry being published and a performance in the Chapel for other inmates. One of their group poems was published on Apples and Snakes Website (biggest performance poetry organisation in the country) as poem of the month. Organised by Apples and Snakes.

• Whitemoor Prison: Black History Month session. 40 Minute poetry performance followed by a poetry slam with inmates. 1st , 2nd and 3rd prizes were given to the winning poets/rappers. Freelance.
PRU Work
• Proctors PRU:

Ran a 10 week course in poetry based on political writing to do with class, race and culture.

• Wythemshawe PRU:
One off performances and workshops for Black history Month.

During Black History Month Chanje delivered workshops and performances celebrating black history throughout Lancashire including work at Garth Prison and Kirkham Prison. The workshops offered opportunities through creative means for black inmates to reflect on their own cultural heritage.